Ultimate Digital Boost

Web design meets SEO

Maximise impact, minimise expense

Navigating the online space requires a blend of an engaging website and effective SEO. At Web Lab, we bring together our web design service with our Smart SEO strategies, offering a comprehensive solution tailored for success.

Opt for a consolidated approach and reap the benefits of efficiency and cost savings. Our web design and SEO services separately cost £295/month and £495/month. By choosing the combined package, you’ll reduce the cost from £790 to only £650/month.

Step into a brighter digital future and elevate your brand’s visibility and engagement with our Ultimate Digital Boost.

The Ultimate Power Duo.

Bespoke Website

Custom design, conversion optimised and full of features.

High-end design

2 years free hosting

Professional copywriting

Fully maintained

Unlimited updates

Reviews & social feeds

CRM integration


Smart SEO

Thorough service leaving no stone unturned and constantly fresh.

Deep dive reporting

Google My Business (GMB) optimisation

The key to local SEO

Regular quality content

From blog posts to weekly GMB posts

Collect and promote reviews

Link building

Boost authority and visibility

On-Site SEO



/ mo

£790 / mo
Save £140 / month!

Special bonuses.

Anyone can throw in “extras”. But how about bonuses you’ll actually use?

By signing up to the Ultimate Digital Boost you’ll also receive; a 5-email nurture sequence, social post templates, and a lead magnet — real, tangible value.


Email sequence

A 5-email nurture sequence, meticulously crafted to guide prospects down the buying funnel.

Social templates

5 tailor-made post templates, ensuring consistent and compelling online engagement.

Lead magnet creation

Offering value is key. Choose from:
eBook: Share your expertise.
Templates: Offer tools to simplify their tasks. Worksheets: Help them organise and understand.

Yes, you can generate more leads from your website, if…

Even if you think your business isn’t “big” enough for such a digital revamp…

And EVEN IF you’ve been burned by web designers and digital marketers in the past… our Ultimate Digital Boost is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for!

Custom design.
Capture leads.
Unlimited updates.

This isn’t just another off-the-shelf design. We craft tailor-made designs focused not only on aesthetics but also on effectively converting visitors into customers.

Working With Us Couldn't Be Easier

Why guess when you can know?

Ever feel like your website is being overshadowed by competitors, but can’t pinpoint why? Here’s a no-brainer for you: Dive deep with our FREE SEO Performance Report.

You’ll uncover hidden gaps and missed opportunities that might be costing you growth. And guess what? Even if you’re not sure about the full package, this report is your roadmap to what’s working and what’s not, AND what to do about it.

Knowledge is power. Gain the upper hand.

The Real Cost of Settling for Second Best

Considering cutting corners on your website to save a bit now? Rethink that strategy. With a subpar site, potential leads can slip through your fingers daily, affecting your business’s perception. But with our Ultimate Digital Boost package, you can achieve a stellar design and robust SEO, all spread out over 24 months for manageable budgeting.

So, ask yourself: Do you want to blend into the digital crowd, or stand out as the go-to name in your field? Make the right choice.